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VIP Super Bonder
VIP Super Bonder

VIP Super Bonder

Our VIP Super Bonder is a clear liquid used to prolong lash extensions while reducing irritation

It's job is to add elasticity to the Adhesive making the bonds more flexible, resulting in better retention by up to 30%.

It instantly polymerizes the adhesive, It seals the fumes from the adhesive, which reduces significantly any irritations and sensitivities.

  • Works in any humidity and temperature.
  • No need for nanomisting or nebulizing
  • Increases retention by up to 30%
  • Suitable for any type of adhesive 

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Founder & Owner of iLash Barbies

Level up with our best selling adhesive

Its advanced formula offers rapid bonding and a strong hold, ensuring that lashes stay in place, even in challenging conditions. 

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Julie anguiano

I love shopping here in person seeing the place motives me even more & they have very high quality products that are definitely worth it. I always get a cute little bag of free glue rings when I purchase from their supplies <33 Customer service is also amazing!! Plus they have multiple beauty services located inside their suite 💗

Brilla Studios

Highly recommended. Great customer service and top-notch supplies. Absolutely love that I can go into the store and purchase what I need when I need it.

Kelly Berkowitz

4 weeks ago Best lash products!!! The owner is so sweet and helpful! I’ve known and used her products for 3 years now and can’t use anything else! Lashes are so easy to work with and my absolute favorite! She has everything you’re looking for to lash!!

Mariana Martinez

Amazing products, super friendly and they will help you find what you need and they also do delivery. I honestly love this store!