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ilash Barbies Supply & Suites LLC

Brown Chocolate Mix Trays

Brown Chocolate Mix Trays

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Our brown “chocolate” lashes are the perfect handmade volume lashes in a shade of brown to accomplish the soft and fluffy look . Our brown lashes are for clients that doesn’t desire a dark volume look , but want the fullness and the fluffiness. Brown lashes complement all eye colors as they don’t steal the show , Instead they’re softly enhance the color of the clients eyes .


*Available in CC and D curl 0.03 Mix trays , with 16 rows and we also have mix trays in 6 rows . 

*Available in CC and D Curl 0.05 Mix Trays 

 We have 6 different mixed trays :

0.03 CC , 8-9mm  6 rows  

0.03 D , 8-9mm 6rows 

0.03 CC , 10-18mm 16 rows 

0.03 D , 10-18 mm 16 rows 

0.05 Cc, 10-18mm 16 rows 

0.05 D 10-18mm 16 rows 

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