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3 Layer Eyelash Practice Mannequin Head (Fibers attached)

3 Layer Eyelash Practice Mannequin Head (Fibers attached)

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Introducing 3D Layered Mannequin head- the ultimate training tool for aspiring lash artist . Elevate your lash extension skills with this meticulously crafted, lifelike mannequin head designed to provide an unparalleled training experience .

Elevate your lash extension game with our 3D layer mannequin head .

Invest in the future of your lash artistry today !



  1. Realistic 3D Layered Lashes: Our mannequin head boasts a meticulously designed set of 3D layered lashes, providing a realistic canvas for practicing a wide range of lash extensions techniques . These multi-layered lashes mimic the natural lashes, ensuring a true -to life application experience.


       2. Compatible with Various Adhesives and Extensions : Our 3 D layer mannequin       head is compatible with a wide range of lash adhesives and extensions , allowing you to experiment and perfect your technique with your preferred products .


      3. Ideal for beginners and Professionals : Whether you're just starting your journey into lash extensions or looking to refine your skills. 


      4. Easy to Clean and Maintain : The silicone material is easy to clean, allowing for hassle sessions. Use eyelash extension remover to remove the extension and your mannequin head will be ready for your next training session .


      5. High- Quality Silicone Material: 3D lash mannequin head offers a soft, texture that closely simulates human skin . This allows for easy insertion of lash extensions and ensures a comfortable training experience for extended practice sessions .




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