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VIP Ultra Strong Adhesive

VIP Ultra Strong Adhesive

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VIP Collection Ultra Strong Rapid  .03 sec Dry Pro Adhesive .

Waterproof, Oil-proof Adhesive

The VIP Adhesive  has the BEST Retention on the MARKET  . It helps reduce time of work . 

Designed  for Advance Lash Artist ,and should not be use by beginner

5ML Bottle

Retention : 7-8 weeks 

Color: Black 

Structure : Flexible 

Viscosity : Thin

Fumes - Minimal

Humidity 40-70

Temp 50-72 F

Shelf Life : Opened Bottles : 30 days 

Shake Adhesive for 60 Seconds to ensure all ingredients are mixed well, Be Sure to shake well  after every use

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